Lawyers have always shown commitment to pro bono work but even while you are still training to be a lawyer or if you are working as a paralegal and don’t intend to become a lawyer, you have the opportunity to play an important role and will gain invaluable skills and experience at the same time. The purpose of this special area is to provide guidance about pro bono work and advice on how and why to get involved.

‘Pro Bono’ comes from the Latin saying Pro Bono Publico meaning for the ‘good of the public’. Legal pro bono work involves providing free legal assistance to members of the public who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

With the cut backs to legal aid and access to justice becoming more restricted for those who cannot afford private advice, pro bono services are becoming increasingly important and those offered by students, paralegals and trainee lawyers are of critical importance.

Pro bono offers a whole host of benefits. That you can be actively involved in serving the local community and helping people who desperately need that help, you too can gain immeasurable advantage. By applying knowledge from your studies in the provision of vital services you can simultaneously

It is a perfect win-win situation so take a look around and consider getting involved in one or more of the many opportunities available.

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