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One of the features of pro bono volunteers is that they don’t shout about it.

There are several pro bono awards handed out each year but asking people to nominate themselves feels like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.

To their enormous credit, pro bono volunteers do their work because they care, because they passionately believe the work is important and because, as Baroness Scotland frequently reminded us during her time as Attorney General, it is part of being a lawyer. They most definitely do not aim to win prizes.

Nevertheless, we believe those who have taken the trouble to give pro bono service deserve some small measure of recognition so we have decided to ‘out’ them.

Whenever we learn of someone doing a piece of pro bono work we aim to post a brief note to say thank you and, through the category on this site, add him or her to our ‘Roll of Honour’.

It is emphatically not a competition or a league table nor will we be giving out any prizes (at least not yet!). It is a bit of fun with the slightly serious point of highlighting the amount of excellent and worthwhile work that is being done by so many people.

To all of you, thank you.

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