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The Joint ILEX Pro Bono Forum and Bar Pro Bono Unit Scheme (the JIB Scheme) is open to any Fellow or Graduate Member* of CILEx and allocates a CILEx volunteer to work with the BPBU volunteer barrister in pro bono cases. Below is a summary of the information contained in the full information leaflet.

What sort of cases are they?

It is impossible to generalise as the range is so wide. We support the BPBU in all the work they do which means all areas of law including criminal injuries, commercial, crime, defamation, employment, family, housing, professional negligence and planning among others.

The case may be before any of the courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, County Court, Coroners Court, Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and many other tribunals and public enquiries. Help may also be needed in connection with mediation.

What will the work involve?

Again, this can vary but is always limited to a clearly defined piece of work on a case and will not entail making an open-ended commitment.

The piece of work may be taking witness statements, sorting out papers so the barrister can advise, preparing a trial bundle or engaging in correspondence or negotiations.

Volunteers are always able to decline a particular case whether because the work is not suitable, because of existing commitments or for any other reason.

What about indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is crucial not just to protect the volunteer but also to ensure a client is properly compensated in the unlikely event of something going wrong. The CILEx Pro Bono Trust arranges bespoke indemnity insurance which covers all authorised work under the scheme.

Joining the Scheme

If you’d like more information please email corporateaffairs@cilex.org.uk or to apply to join the register of volunteers click on the button below to download the application form.

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*Other grades of CILEx Membership may register but the areas of work in which they can help will be limited. 

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