CILEx Pro Bono Survey 2016

For the 15th time, National Pro Bono Week has served as an impressive reminder of the enormous contribution the profession as a whole makes to access to justice through pro bono work. Many of our members already do pro bono work and many more would like to but face barriers in doing so.

As mentioned in a recent article in the CILEx Journal, the CILEx Pro Bono Trust is keen to explore the detail behind those rather general statements. Ideally, we would ask every single member of CILEx what they do but that isn’t terribly practical. Instead, we’ve designed a short survey and we’re asking as many CILEx members as possible to complete it so we can try to identify what pro bono work our members are doing and, if they are not doing any, what the barriers are.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete but you can preview the questions if you’d like to prepare before answering. In particular, if you have done some pro bono over the last 12 months, we will ask you to estimate the amount you have done. You may therefore want to do a little reflection about this before starting the survey.

Besides helping us collect this important information, completing the survey may earn you some dosh. There are 3 prizes of Amazon vouchers to be won; a top prize of £100 and 2 more of £50. To be eligible for this prize* you need to complete your entry and include your email address by midnight on Friday 9 December 2016. Please spread the word.

Click here to review the questions

Click here to do the survey


*The winning entries will be selected by random draw after 9 December 2016 by the Trustees whose decision will be final. Only paid up members of CILEx are eligible for the draw and current serving trustees of CILEx Pro Bono Trust may not enter the draw.



National Pro Bono Week 2015 is fast approaching. Taking place from 2-6 November, please visit for a full list of events.

Not able to attend an event? Support pro bono by tweeting why pro bono is part of being a lawyer using the hashtags #WeDoProBono and #NPBW2015   Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram as well. There is a prize for the photo of the week!

CILEx Pro Bono Trust Announces the Appointment of Two New Board Members

CILEx Pro Bono Trust is pleased to announce the appointments of Simon Price and Alasdair Stewart to the board of trustees. Both Simon and Alasdair bring to the board a wealth of experience and skills from the pro bono sector, specifically in the establishment of pro bono clinics.

The board of CILEx Pro Bono Trust is excited to be working with Simon and Alasdair and would like to extend a warm welcome to them both.

Further information on Simon and Alasdair can be found here

Legal Aid Team!

We all know legal aid is important for all sorts of reasons but it is sometimes hard to articulate its importance without being a little dull and perhaps even rather pretentious.

Sometimes, but not always …

A social justice film group, Fat Rat Films, is crowdfunding to be able to create an animated film, Legal Aid Team!, about the importance of legal aid and why we should all care about it being destroyed.

They have lined up some amazing people to lend their voices and the Guardian has exclusive rights to broadcast it first on Chris Grayling’s birthday, 1 April. (There’s a joke there somewhere, right? Oh, wait …)

They need a last gasp of support to raise the funds to complete it so why not head over to their crowdfunding page and help Legal Aid Team! spread the word about just how awesome legal aid is.

Bar Pro Bono Award Winner Announced

Many congratulations to Monika Sobieki of Pump Court Chambers who has been awarded the Sydney Elland Goldsmith Bar Pro Bono Award for 2014 in recognition of outstanding commitment to pro bono work.

Monika was recognised for two separate acts of pro bono work, firstly for setting up an innovative legal advice clinic at the Hackney Winter Night Shelter that provides free legal advice on housing, immigration, welfare benefits and family law to a small proportion of some of the most destitute members of society; and for volunteering her services through the Employment Lawyers Association ‘100 Days Project’ to represent a vulnerable client in a complex ten-day disability discrimination case against a well-known retail brand.

David Malone of 18 Red Lion Chambers received a special mention from the judging panel after being nominated by Eve Thomas, a former pro bono client, for 12 months of work she described as ‘Herculean’. A year ago Eve, a survivor of domestic violence, was being threatened with contempt of court for refusing to reveal her ‘safe address’, fearing her abusive ex-husband would obtain this information. Coining the phrase “Eve’s Law,” David and Eve launched a national campaign to ensure that the safe addresses, and the confidential details of victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, were protected by the courts and other agencies.

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