Welcome to CILEx Pro Bono Trust

We are an independent charity (registered number 1145776) set up with the support of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

Our key goal is to work in partnership with other facilitators and providers of pro bono legal services in order to:

  • increase in the engagement of CILEx and other lawyers and trainees in pro bono work
  • support the pro bono work of CILEx and other lawyers and trainees
  • raise awareness of the pro bono work of CILEx and other lawyers and trainees

Click on the links (in red text) below for more information about what we do:

  • The JIB Scheme which enables volunteer CILEx Members to work with pro bono Barristers
  • Paralegal area which provides a wealth of advice and guidance for trainee lawyers looking to get involved with pro bono
  • The Roll of Honour; a small way of thanking those who have given freely of their time to help those in need

We are acutely aware that other pro bono organisations already do an enormous amount of excellent work towards the same aims. Working with those organisations is therefore intended to be a key feature of our work. We have neither the resources nor the ambition to compete with anyone else but hope to build on the work of the ILEX Pro Bono Forum in supporting and enhancing the work of the many other groups whether by assisting in existing projects or helping identify and fill gaps in service provision.

In particular we aim to harness and develop the huge resource represented by the pool of hard working and talented CILEx lawyers and trainees by developing pro bono schemes for which they will be eligible or helping them participate in existing schemes.

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